Enjoy Advanced Protection with Lightweight Motocross Body Armour

Even in this awesome thrill-ride of a sport, the safety of participants is paramount. Everybody in motocross takes a spill on occasion, and when you do you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the high-quality motorcycle body armour produced by 4bpRacing. Our armoured jackets are your single most important piece of riding gear, and years of thought have gone into ensuring it has every possible feature to protect your body and enhance your ride.

Motocross body armour featuring the most advanced protections

Our torso armour system consists of toughened but flexible moulded plastic over a heavy protective jacket, the pieces engineered to fit together perfectly and ensure correct operation in a crash. The jacket is comfortable and breathes well, made from a special tear-resistant fine mesh. Velcro tabs and straps allow you to adjust the fit of the jacket as well as the individual positions of each protective plate. The inside back of the jacket is removable for washing, and all seams are on the outside so as not to irritate the skin.

The moulded plastic plates are the best available protection for riders, certified according to the European CE standards of safety. The back plate is not only removable, zipping off for easier cleaning, but follows a “pangolin” design of overlapping plates which provides maximum protection along while not restricting movement as a single-piece plate would.

Get top performance from 4bpRacing’s MX and dirt bike body armour

We produce body armour in all sizes: for adults and children, mens’ and womens’ fits alike.  Consult out online sizing chart to determine which armour size is right for you. You can also pick up your armour in one of our incredible limited deals, offering excellent value on an entire set of protective motocross gear. Get your matching jersey, pant, body armour, knee guards, and gloves, as well as helmet and boot bags to help get your gear to the track. 

We ship our products worldwide, with shipping prices calculated by weight at the checkout page. We offer a 12-month warranty on all body armour, guaranteeing it free of manufacturing faults. We also honour returns and exchanges on any product still of saleable quality. For inquiries email us at [email protected]

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