Ride in Style and Comfort with Our New Motocross Pants

When you’re ready to get yourself seriously outfitted to ride motocross, quality has to start from the bottom up. Deeply entrenched in the sport ourselves, 4bpRacing have spared no effort in producing our range of riding gear, and that philosophy of practical design and smart manufacture extending even to our riding pants. Specially created to be comfortable when worn with our body armour and knee guards, these pants take your needs as a rider into consideration with a number of useful features.

The pant itself is made from multiple layers of high-durability panels, arranged to achieve the ultimate balance between protection and breathability. The inside leg is designed to mitigate the heat of the bike, making your ride easier. Whether you’re taking this gear out to the track for recreation, practice, or competition, you can trust that it won’t let you down.

BMX and motocross pants that are a pleasure to wear

When it comes to both comfort and performance, 4bpRacing’s research has found that having a great fit is one of the most important considerations. Our pants are equipped with an adjustable waist belt and low-profile stretch cuffs at the ankles, easily holding it (and your jersey) in place. The shape of the legs is designed to allow for the active ride position while maintaining comfort, minimising opportunities for your pant to pinch you or bunch up when you’re on the bike. Flexible materials placed in key stretch areas around the crotch, knees and rear mean you won’t ever feel your gear holding you back, even with a satisfyingly sleek fit.

Motocross pants from veterans of Australian MX

4bpRacing have created our lines of riding armour and gear in response to the needs seen during decades in the local motocross scene. Originally created by the management of the Rat Racing team we have been working hard for more than 10 years to constantly improve our products, 4bpRacing always have the riders in mind.

We ship our products anywhere in the world, so take a look through the rest of our online store and get a great deal on a full motocross kit. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on the total order weight. We happily honour returns and exchanges on any item still in saleable condition. If you need to get in touch with 4bpRacing, call 0423 287 924 or send an email to [email protected]

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